Sunday, November 29, 2009

On Christmas Eve

Last spring I went to a SCBWI event and I won a door prize. I picked the book On Christmas Eve by Ann M. Martin.
I chose this book because I love books about Christmas and also because I have such fond memories of The Babysitters Club series.
Since it is finally the Christmas season I figured it was time to read this book.
This is a great story about the magic of Christmas.
The character, Tess is in third grade and believes that this is the year she is going to meet the real Santa Claus, not just a department store Santa. She has some important questions to ask Santa. She also believes that Santa can help her friend Sarah's dad get better.
On Christmas Eve, Tess waits up for Santa and gets to experience Christmas magic.
I thought the book was a very sweet story about the magic of Santa and Christmas.
A few weeks ago in my writing class we talked about metaphors and similes and keeping these in the world of the story. Martin does a great job of this. When she writes about walking through the snow she doesn't say "walked through the snow" she says "fluffed".
The is a sweet little book about Christmas Eve and the magic and hope it can bring.

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