Friday, November 06, 2009

mean witch story

Since I have been trying to focus on this writing thing more I currently work one job. Previously I was working 2 jobs and had no time for writing. There was only driving, working, driving, working, sleeping. So I decided if I could put even part of my 2nd job energy into my writing I'd be doing OK. In order to make a little extra money and also to get a chance to hang out with kids I sometimes babysit. It is good.
Here is a conversation I had with one of my charges. She is 4.
Fi: What do you do?
Me: Well I work with your mom.
Fi: What else do you do?
Me: I write stories for kids.
Fi: Why do you write stories for kids?
Me: Because it's fun and I love books.
Fi: Tell me one of your stories.
Me: Ok Once there was a girl, Rita and her dog Rufus.
Fi: Is there a mean witch in this story?
Me: No. (I tell the story about Rita and Rufus which was in the Sept issue of Stories for Children Magazine)
Fi: That was good. Can you tell it again but this time with a mean witch?
So I modify Rita and Rufus to include a mean witch. It was really Hansel and Gretel with a dog instead of a Hansel but there was a mean witch. I think I told her the "mean witch" version of the story ten times.
Anyway it was kind of a fun revision exercise and it got me thinking about "mean witches" so maybe next time I sit down to write something after this whole novel thing it will have a mean witch.
*Although there is not a mean witch in my novel there is a mean middle school girl.

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