Sunday, December 06, 2009


Last week at my writing class I had to admit to not reaching my goal of writing 3,000 words each week for two weeks.
This was the first time in class that I had to say I didn't meet my goal. I didn't give my reasons why- crazy work schedule, fender bender, holiday.
After an adjustment at the Chiropractor on Tuesday I have been in a lot less pain plus I decided two show days or not I would finish this first draft by Christmas.
This week has not been about going and sitting at the coffee shop for hours writing. This week has been about finding time to write where ever I can find it. Between shows, for a a half hour in the morning, for an hour in the afternoon. I actually found myself not going to the coffee shop to write this week when I had a day free because going to the coffee shop would actually take time away from my writing when I had to walk there and order coffee and then walk back home so I just made my own tea and wrote at my house.
I also wrote a couple more scenes that feel more true to the novel so I no longer feel like I am writing in circles so that makes me happy. I may keep what I wrote before but I like the stuff now much better.


Anonymous said...

It's okay to hit a bump with a project now and then. Sometimes the time off helps clear the head. Good to know you're back on track!

Hehe, when I first read your list of excuses and saw "bender" I thought you meant the alcholic kind!

Anonymous said...
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