Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't Stop Believing

We came to the part of my writing class where we talked about plot yesterday.
I have to say that in a previous class I took plot was up there in the first two weeks but that was for picture books so really we did need to think about our plots earlier.
I'm OK with plot coming a little later in the class. It seems like we all have good characters we are writing about and I sort of believe that characters drive plot anyway. I mean different people do different things in each situation. Pippi won't do the same thing as Ramona.
So the instructors talked about different plot structures like the inverted check mark and the three act structure and the hero's journey.
Then oh speaking of journey, we got to listen to a little Journey. Why? Because plot is like a Journey song. According to the instructor's brother. It starts of with an intro and we get to know the characters (a small town girl and a city boy), there are some guitar riff and stuff happens (they take the midnight train going anywhere). Then the music builds more with additional guitar and there is more story (streetlights, it goes on and on) then we get to the climax of the song/story and there is that even more awesome guitar riff and then Don't Stop Believing (hold on to that feeling) and then happy cords at the end. \m/
Armed with the knowledge that plot is like a Journey song is pretty awesome. I woke up today and wrote nine pages. It was brilliant. I wrote some interesting stuff and complicated my character's life. I feel like I may even write again later tonight.
I've been a music junkie my whole life. When I was four my mom bought me a record player at a garage sale, not one of those cheap fisher price ones but a real one with speakers of its own. I wore that thing out until my dad bought me a cd player when they first came out. I watched MTV since I was six. I don't play music but it is nice to know that my lifelong love of music is going to pay off by helping me be a writer.

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