Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sound money

That is the name of the show that I listen to on MPR that gets my brain thinking about money every week. Lately it is about this social security thing. I am not sure how many Gen-Xers Bush talks with on a daily basis but I think that this whole thing that he is on to sell an overhall of the Social Security Program is way too much. I think we are wasting a lot of money for him to get the word out about something that isn't really a crisis.
It probably sounds like a crazy idea and perhaps a little obvious but first off stop taking money out of Social Security to pay for other stuff.
Second off everyone in other generations knew that Social Security was just a buffer and you had to save money in addition to that. They usually worked at the same company for most of their careers and were able to build up some money for retirement. So my advice to the people my age that Bush is trying to target with this reform is to start saving.
Our generation is different and many of us have come out of college and worked at several different jobs before finding the perfect one. We are targeted by credit card companies all the time and many of us have stacked up debt more than we have worried about saving.
Just making a small adjustment in spending can make a big difference over time.
But really if you don't have a 401k or a job that gives you that then start putting money away in an IRA cause it is a start and it is better than nothing.

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