Saturday, February 12, 2005

Kitty chase

Lately I have been concerned about the amount of activity my cats get. Mostly I am concerned about Snoop because he seems to get the least amount of activity. Lucy will chase the toy mice and play with all the toys but Snoop doesn't do that as often.
Anyway I had been thinking about trying to get Snoop and Lucy to go on walks. So I went out and bought them collars today. Snoops is one of those harness collars and Lucys is just your standard kitty collar with a bell.
The bell is where the comedy comes in. So I put on this collar with a bell and Lucy begins going crazy trying to chase herself and get this bell. It was crazy. Like a dog chasing its tail but better than that because she was actually trying to catch her neck.
The "walk" was unsuccessful. Snoop was kind of nervous so we just kind of smelled the outside a little and watched this squirrel who had managed to get a hold of an entire bagel. I tried to take a picture but the squirrel made a getaway across the alley before I could get a good shot.

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