Friday, February 18, 2005

My big accomplishment today was going through some of my disks with pictures stored on them and "recycling" pictures I didn't need anymore.
I had to keep this picture, of course.

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I was knitting along on Barb's other fishnet and I don't have stoppers for the ends of my needles when I am not working on something. I guess the knitting tote had been toted around too much that week and the fishnet fell off the needle. Due to the "window pane" stitch I was unable to figure out how not to have to frog it. So I started over but they are coming along.

I am thinking of keeping track of my 2005 reading list on this page somewhere. I won't get to it tonight or anything but I'll add it soon.

Today my credit card company called to offer me life insurance. They told me they would give me $15 in free gas. The thing that gets me is I told them less than a week ago that I wasn't interested in their offer. I mean do they think that they will wear me down if they keep calling. From now on I am just not going to be home when they call.

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Kerry! said...

I've been getting lots of calls lately offering me new siding for my home. We tell them we rent, that we're in an apartment, but it never seems to dissuade them.

Carrie said...

yeah, I've decided that I am not home but I will take a message for myself and then I don't have to listen to the whole thing.