Sunday, February 06, 2005

I wish that I brought my camera to work yesterday. There was a great photo-op but of course all I can do is learn from this lesson and bring my camera along on my daily travels more often.

Speaking of photos here is a picture of those fishnets I keep talking about. I finally finished one and was able to start the other one. These have been a little bit of fun because there is a different stitch to learn and well there are two of them so now that I have finished one I have to make the other one in order for them to be useful.

2-needle fishnets Posted by Hello

In other knitting news my mother has decided to take up knitting so I am thinking her birthday present needs to involve a couple items to get her started. I saw a cute little tote bag at the Crafty Planet
the other day and I was thinking I should make one for her and put some yarn and needles in there for her. I guess I should call her and see what she really wants.

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