Thursday, February 03, 2005

Martha audition tape

I am making two cow costumes for a show and I think that I should tape some footage for my Martha audition tape. I don't know that it shows me to be a business mastermind but it may show my potential and that is really what they are looking for.
There is one thing holding me back from making this audition tape and it is that I don't want my footage to be hanging out in the reject pile. Like when they show the reject audition videos of people who didn't make it onto The Real World or when they show all the footage of all the people who don't make it onto American Idol.
Watching American Idol this week I decided that being Paula, Simon or Randy during open auditions for Idol would have to be the worst job ever. I mean there can be nothing fun or rewarding about spending 8 hours a day listening to hundreds of people who think they can sing and then listen to them beg for another chance when you tell them they are going home. I know it is a highly rated show and everything but I still feel that listening to all those horrible auditions would be the worst job and I am not sure that it would be worth the money.

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