Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Job for a day

OK so I love taking on little random temporary assignments and gigs. I mean sometimes by the end of the day I am so glad that the job of the day is not my regular full time life. Other gigs I am like OK that was kind of cool.
I like my regular job but it leaves a lot of free hours sometimes and they happen to be the hours that most of the rest of the world is working. This leaves me thinking ah-ha I should be using this free time to make a little extra money. Especially with the condo buying. I guess it is kind of scary to give up all that money that I saved up over the last year. Even if it is for that purpose because I thought I would have longer to save and would have more money.
I was going through stuff last week and I realized how much useless stuff I collect. Anyway the really great thing about moving is the opportunity to go through and look at some of my little collections and decide to get rid of them or keep them. The dolls are going, as are the pez dispensers and those will hopefully be followed by the happy meal toys. I don't have a lot of anything of these things and so that is why I think it is best to get rid of them now when I want the money.


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