Monday, November 22, 2004

Holiday cards

This is one of the shots that I was hoping would be on my holiday card. Lucy looks kind of mad in this one so I am buying boxed cards as back up. I haven't given up on the idea that the cats should do a holiday card together but I can't wait until it is convenient for them either because that may take a while.
I can't wait until we start Secret Santa at work. I have a while to wait since I don't think it starts until 2 weeks before Christmas so you do 2 weeks of little gifts and clues and then at the end you do one big gift.
At work we also adopt a family. Everyone kicks in some money and we split it up between the family members. Some people make scarves and blankets too. One of the best things is when we all get together to wrap the presents. It is so amazing to see everyone wrapping presents and assembling bikes. It is no wonder that Santa does what he does cause all that giving and wrapping and joy really makes you feel good.

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