Saturday, April 14, 2012

M- Maggie Quinn

Prom Dates from Hell (Maggie Quinn: Girl Vs. Evil #1) M- Maggie Quinn. Maggie is full of awesome.  She is a teen sleuth fighting demons at prom, succubi sororities, and mysterious creatures creatures on spring break. If you like shows like Veronica Mars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer then Maggie might be the perfect sleuth for you.

What was the scariest thing at your Prom?


Julie said...

Oh, I love Buffy, one of my favorite shows ever! I'd never heard of Maggie but now I really want to check it out.

LOL, the scariest thing at my prom was probably my dress. I can't even bear to look at the pics of it, it's so embarrassing!

Alison Miller said...

This book sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Catherine Stine said...

The scariest thing was that our school didn't have proms! Yup, seriously. I'm over from A to Z saying hi!

Nick Wilford said...

Buffy fan too here. I didn't go to my prom - it was our school's first one and being in the UK, my friends and I were protesting at the "Americanism" coming in - so probably our snobbishness was the scariest thing!

Jocelyn Rish said...

I'd never heard of this novel before, but since Buffy and Veronica are some of my favorite shows, I' going to have to check it out.

The scariest thing at my prom was my dancing. I'm not very coordinated. :-)