Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I- Izzy

Tortilla Sun I - Izzy is the main character in Tortilla Sun by Jennifer Cervantes. She spends a summer living with her Nana in New Mexico.  While she is there she finds a baseball, new friends and family. She learns about her father who died when she was a baby and she learns about love. I love baseball so I also love books where baseball comes into play.

Do you have a favorite book with a baseball tie-in?


Mary Aalgaard, Play off the Page said...

Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy has a baseball tie-in. Turner isn't very good at baseball which makes him feel like even more of an outsider. Lizzie is good at it, but isn't allowed to play because she isn't of the proper race.

Play off the Page

Marquita Hockaday said...

I don't have a favorite book with a baseball tie in. I tend to shy away from sports novels b/c I know nothing about sports! I do want to read more, though. I won a book with a soccer tie-in so I'm gonna try that out and see how it goes.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

I think I read this wonderful book during one of my teaching stints a while back. There are so many great children's books with baseball themes. Of course, I can't think of any right now. But I appreciate this post. Also, thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

I have this book in my TBR pile.

I can't recall a book with a baseball tie-in. I'm sure I must have read one, though. I do recall other sports in various books.