Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diorama Time

It's that time of year when I use the hot glue gun to create marshmallow candy awesomeness.  It's time for the 2012 Pioneer Press Peep Diorama Contest.

I know that other diorama contests have sprung up including The Washington Post's Peep Show but I feel like Minnesota lead the way because ours is the 9th annual.

I decided my theme would be Zombie Peep Crawl, a diorama celebrating the tradition of Zombie Pub Crawl that takes over Washington and Cedar Ave. in Minneapolis with 8000 Zombies lurching down the street.  The next day the sidewalk is covered in fake blood and Zombie parts.

How to make a diorama. (I'm providing a valuable resource here.  My diorama posts are my most searched/viewed posts.)

Step 1: Supplies. This year's diorama included a trip to the Peep store at the Mall of America. People they have Peeps in every color, both bunnies and chicks. It is the one stop shop for Peep dioramas.

 Step 2: Set pieces. I created signs and miniature versions of some of the stops along the Zombie Pub Crawl route.
400 Bar and Grumpy's

More set pieces. I also added a blue construction paper background.

Step 3- Decorate Peeps. Some years this means costumes but this year it meant removing ears and making them look like they'd been eating braaaiiiinnnsss.

Step 4- Place Peeps in diorama.  This is the part that involves the glue gun. Arrange Peeps creatively keeping in mind color and variety.

Step 5- Have photos taken by professional photographer. My friend Amy took the photos for the actual entry. They are awesome.  She also takes really great pictures of kids, families and weddings so if you live in the Twin Cities you should check her out. 

Step 6- Enter contest and promote.

Just in case you've missed Peep dioramas of years past here are links.
Princess Peep

And for all you Harlan Ellison fans out there, my friend Sara's diorama from last year Repeep Harlequin!


Mary Aalgaard, Play off the Page said...

That's fantastic!

Daisy Carter said...

This is awesomesauce. And I am not the type to use that mashup lightly. Or at all. But for this, yeah, I'll bust out awesomesauce. Twice. So fun!

Jenny Ray said...

That is amazing! Every Easter weekend, we host Peep jousting in the Microwave Arena. :)