Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Revision Patio

I feel like I haven't been updating as frequently or commenting on all of the blogs I normally visit.  I have a couple weeks off work and am trying to finish this revision which has taken forever.

The good thing is that I finally feel like I've found the magic puzzle pieces that feel like they will make this story work.  I've added some new layers of conflict and choices for my mc to make.  Also things where she gets what she wants but it means something she doesn't want as well.

This revision had been going so slow and I was almost ready to put it away and not work on it. See I'd been reading a lot of YA dystopia like Divergent and The Hunger Games, you know books that make your heart race and your palms sweat, and my contemporary MG seemed to be lacking. Then I had this sort of Don't-give-up-dream and I thought about how to add more conflict to my story. I'm excited trying out these new ideas.

I plan on doing the A to Z Challenge so I'm working on my plan for that but for now I'm sitting on the revision patio or in the revision coffee shop if it is raining and finishing this revision.  


M Pax said...

Glad your revision is coming along and that the pieces are fitting together. That's always a great thing. :)

Sarah said...

I think reading Divergent and The Hunger Games would make any manuscript seem slow. But, I know what you mean. Pacing, conflict, suspense... all hard to get right, but all very necessary to story. Glad you found the magic puzzle piece. :)

Mary Aalgaard, Play off the Page said...

Good for you! Glad that dream motivated you to keep going. Not all stories are filled with action, but we still get excited to read them.
Write on!

KarenG said...

I'm with you, Carrie. I've been in absentia for awhile now. What amazes me is that people still have the patience with me to stop by my blog and leave comments.... And revising takes a WHOLE lot of time!

Meredith said...

Sounds like writing is going well! I love when you have those "aha" moments and know just what to add to your story to make it even better. Good luck!

Barbara Watson said...

Reading those sorts of edgy YA can make MG seem...bland (but not the word I'm looking for), but too, realize they are such different genres and for such different audiences.

Now, go finish that revision! So glad you regained your excitement.

KO: The Insect Collector said...

So funny- I just re-read HG with my book club and thought, "Man, my mystery is a real drag."
But we shouldn't compare other genres (and books) to a book that's been on the NYTimes Bestseller list for three years. :0)
The fast pace fits that premise perfectly, but it's not right for every concept or book. Enjoy your revisions!

Sarah Ahiers said...

oh man, i'm right there with you. I'm revising like crazy, and my commenting on blogs has dropped waaaaay down because of it