Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Baseball books

The Super Bowl is officially over which means that we are now down to single digits until Pitchers and Catchers report. 9 days.

After this winter I don't think I've ever been more ready for baseball season to start. I can't wait to sit out in the sun on Home Run Porch and watch my boys of summer play ball.

Since baseball is one of my favorite sports to watch and cheer for I naturally have a list of baseball related books I like to read and baseball movies to watch.

If you, like me can't wait until Opening Day to hear the crack of the bat here are my baseball book recommendations

Shoeless Joe by W. P. Kinsella - I can't help it. I'm from Iowa and I love baseball so I love this book.
The Natural by Bernard Malamud
What Time Is It? You Mean Now by Yogi Berra- this isn't a book about baseball so much as it is a guide to life. Despite the fact that I'm a Twins fan Yogi was a big part of my childhood. Not the real Yogi but a copper bust of Yogi that my grandpa had. No surprise that my favorite Twin is Joe Mauer, the catcher.
Mudville- by Kurtis Scaletta- Baseball, curses, also the main character talks about Twins players so what is not to love.

In other news I learned how to email things to my Kindle so I'm currently reading a draft from a member of my critique group on my Kindle.

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Christina Lee said...

Is it okay that I only want BB season to come b/c then the weather will improve? :-)