Friday, February 18, 2011

Almost to 50 and candy news

See my followers bar. I'm so close to fifty. I'm like one follower away from fifty. This is kind of a big milestone for me and has me thinking about what I should do when I reach 100 followers. I'm saving my pennies for something good.
This week I participated in my first blogfest and I've discovered new blogs and have new followers on my own blog. It was great fun.

I'm thinking a lot about the state of Wisconsin today. Wisconsin is my state neighbor but more than that what is going on in Wisconsin is troubling to me. I am a member of IATSE, that is the stage hands union. I am inspired by all the people standing up for the rights of the people in the State Workers Unions.

I know Valentine's Day was Monday but I saw these in the clearance bin at the grocery store and I couldn't resist.

That's right. Twilight Sweethearts. They say: Dazzle, I (heart) EC, Live 4 Ever and True Love. One of the flavors is Jacob Black Cherry.
They made me laugh and so into the cart and onto the blog they went.

In other candy related news I saw my first package of Peeps at the store. I know that Peeps come in every season now but I don't support Peeps edging in on the other candy's holidays. Peeps are for Easter. I've got a great idea for my entry in the Peep Diorama Contest this year and I plan on documenting the process again this year. I won't tell you what it is about but I am going to work on making Peep sized corn dogs.

How was your week? Did you make new blog friends this week? Get any fun or funny valentines?


Shopgirl said...

Happy to be the 50th! Please keep blogging and cute picture you've got there!

Rebecca Bradley said...

I also joined the blogfest this week and met some great people.

Lynda Young said...

lol at the Twilight candies. They think of everything!

COngrats on your 50 followers!

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Yay for almost fifty followers!!! I'm finally creeping up on 100 and I'm so excited. Have a great week:)

Candyland said...

That candy is hilarious! Congrats on 50!