Friday, December 10, 2010

Glee sewing nerd moment

Besides writing one of my other talents is sewing.
I use this talent during the holiday season to make flannel pj pants for my sisters.
This is what they want. One year I didn't make the pants because I was busy and I was upset about the migraine my sister gave me the year before when she sent me a whole box of Bath and Body Works products. I may have also been moving that year.
My sisters staged an intervention. They would not accept the lovely, useful, gift cards I had given them to places I knew they shopped. No. They wanted those pants.
One year my little sister agreed that she wanted an Ikea gift card so she could get a new coffee table. I got her the gift card as we agreed would be OK the following year all she wanted was the pj pants.
I usually pick out Christmas prints.
This is the print I picked out for my little sister. Super cute right. (Don't worry. I don't think my sister knows I have a blog so it is OK for me to talk about her present)
Apparently I'm not the only person who thought so. Last night when I was watching the Christmas episode of Glee Brittney was wearing a nightgown out of this same fabric.
I love Glee and when I see their costumes I imagine that it must be a fun place to work. My job is fun (I work in theater) but I'm sure working at Glee would be more fun. When I saw Brittney with the pink plaid and snowflake nightgown it made me super happy.


Tara said...

Um, I want a pair of flannel pj bottoms in that print!

Hannah Kincade said...

I'm not a sewer but I am a knitter. I love making blankets and scarves. I haven't tried anything complicated like socks or hats yet...they scare me. :D

Carrie said...

Hannah- Hats aren't too scary. I really like the kitty/lil devil pattern from the first Stitch and Bitch book. It knits up super fast and you can do all sorts of different things to personalize it like doing a pom pom at the top instead of the ears or horns.

Christina Rodriguez said...

Your sisters are so lucky to have sister who sews like you! Sewing gives me horrible flashbacks to a failed 6th grade pillow project. GAH.

That print is adorable. You must have your finger on the pulse of fashion!