Sunday, December 12, 2010

And then the giant snowstorm ate my cell phone

I don't know if you've heard but it snowed here in Minnesota. A lot.
It snowed so much that someone created a facebook event for it and people posted their pics of cars buried in snow.
I was just thinking about the bright spot of the snow event which was that I had to go to work yesterday but I knew the Rio wouldn't make it home. I mean there are snow drifts that are taller than the Rio. Hell, there are snow drifts that are taller than a Hummer H3 out there. By the time the matinee got done they had suspended bus service. They had also pulled plows off the roads in Hennepin county. So I got a ride back to my neighborhood with a coworker and took the train in this morning. My car stayed in a parking garage downtown last night. I drove my car home tonight and made the mistake of driving down the alley. Oh what an awful terrible mistake it was. The snow in between the ruts was too tall for my car so my car ended up on top of a pile of snow with my tires just spinning in the snow.
After digging away the mountain of snow under my car I was able to back out of the alley.
Only after all of this happened did I realize I couldn't find my new cell phone. I got it a little over a week ago. A Samsung Restore. I wanted something with a qwerty keypad so I would stop swearing at people who texted me and then ignoring them. The last time I saw it was before I went to go see if there was a neighbor who could help me push my car. I've searched my car and the alley and my house. I'm pretty sure my phone is buried in a snow pile in the alley and I have reactivated the Samsung M300 for now.
My Phone
The only bright spot of the fact that my phone is probably buried in the snow is that I was this close to just switching to AT&T and getting an iPhone. I'm pretty sure if I had lost an iPhone in the snow I'd be balling my eyes out digging through the snow even now at 1 am in the sub zero temps. Maybe I'll visit the sprint store tomorrow and tell them of my sad story and they will take pity on me. I will just tell them the Snowpocalypse ate my new phone.


RaShelle said...

Carrie - Sorry you lost your phone. Sad.:( As for the snow, I'm sorry about that too. I used to live in Cheyenne and the snow drifts would get so deep, one time my brother was walking on top of one and fell straight in. We couldn't find in for five feet. Deep!!! LOL

Christina Lee said...

Um raising my hand-- I lost my iPhone in the snow LAST YEAR! CRIED!!! How did we find it? My hubby snowblowed it--got caught in the blades and goodbye phone!

I watch my new phone like a hawk now!

Guinevere said...

Sorry you lost your phone! I HATE snow, it's evil, and this is just more proof!