Monday, February 22, 2010


Last week was the first week of a fitness competition I signed up for called The Meltdown. Basically you sign up with a partner and you get points for exercise, keeping a food log and attending clinics. You also earn bonus points if you do things like attend a group fitness class or attend a yoga class.
You sign up in teams of two and my partner also happens to be my coworker so that is kind of cool.
The good thing about this competition is that it has me in the gym for an hour every day. Some sort of magical brain thing happens for me in between minute 30 and minute 60 on the cardio machines and that seems to be when my brain wakes up. I have had a few good story ideas while working out at the gym. Of course then I have to go home and scribble them down before I forget them.
On Saturday my teammate got to the gym only to find out that she had forgotten her sneakers.
OK considering 30 minutes of exercise= 1 point and you can earn up to 12 points a week you basically have to get two points a day six days a week. A week goes from Monday thru Sunday so she really needed her two points for that day.
Not to be discouraged she stopped by the lost and found bins where she found a pair of shoes that were 1/2 size smaller than hers so she "borrowed" them for an hour and did the work out she was originally planning before she forgot her shoes. At the end of her workout she returned the shoes.
It made me think about excuses and sometimes it is easy to make excuses for things. "I can't work out today because I forgot my shoes" instead my teammate found a way to make fitness happen for her that day. I'm good at making fitness a part of my life but I know there are other things I can approach with a no excuses attitude so that is my goal for the week.

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Christina Rodriguez said...

If stuck without sneakers, one could always try weightlifting which is a great workout. My husband lifts without shoes on, and I use those Converse All Stars. Anything with a flat sole is ideal.