Sunday, February 07, 2010

Bargain Book Shopping

Yesterday I tried to focus on writing and I was successful. I worked on three things for a little while each. The biggest thing I did yesterday was start my rewrite of my novel. And by start I mean I rewrote page one. But it was the third thing I worked on and I've never rewritten anything before so baby steps, right.
Today was Bargain Book Shopping with friends from my Cycle and Chat class also known as Cycle and Chat Book Club. We went to Magers and Quinn in Uptown because if I spent $10 there I could get a discount on registration for the Loft's Children's Literature Conference. Spending $10 was no problem and now I have a stack of books to read. We also went to Half Price Books where I picked up a $2 fantasy book.
Currently thanks to the Cycle and Chat book club I am reading the Sun and Moon books by Holly Lisle. So far there are two books in the trilogy, The Ruby Key and The Silver Door.
I have to say that I don't usually read fantasy books but I got hooked on these early in the first book. The book follows Genna and her brother, Danrith as they sneak out one night in hopes of collecting tanduu sap to save their mother. Instead they are brought before the Nightling King where they learn that saving their mother is going to take more than the tanduu sap. They must instead bargain with the Kai-Lord to save not only their mother but themselves and their entire village from the Uncle Banris who has made a deal to sacrifice all of them in exchange for immortality.
When I was reading this book I was annoyed with the fact that the character kept saying how she was too young to do all this and she was just a kid. I kept thinking "Isn't this the point of YA fiction, that kids sometimes get to do extraordinary things, especially in fantasy type books. At the end of the book the fact that she is humble and thinks of herself as just a kid is a really important trait and come into play at the end so then I felt OK with the set up.
Now I'm reading the second book, The Silver Door in which Genna is trying to learn about her destiny as the Sunrider and instead is taken with her friend to The Spire where she meets a boy who had been frozen in time. She must figure out how to save her village and fight her Uncle who is leading an army against the humans.

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