Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Dance

Happy Dance. Happy Dance.
A couple weeks ago I brought my rejected story to my writing group to see what could be done. My writing group loved it and gave me a couple suggestions and one of the ladies in my writing group suggested I send it to a friend of hers who works publishing a Sunday School paper. Since the story was about Christmas she thought they might be interested.
So my writing friend emailed her contact and they said they would be interested in reading it if I could get the story to around 300 words. Which I did. And now Happy Dance, Happy Dance because they are going to publish it.
This is really great because it is just the encouragement I needed. I know that there are people who get like 200 rejection letters and still they manage to keep going. Since this story was about Christmas it just felt like it needed to get picked up soon or wait until next year.
My Mom is super proud and excited.
I am super excited. So anyone on my Christmas Card list who normally gets one of the nice Courage Center cards will be getting a copy.
So that is my awesome news. Now back to the writing board to work on more stories while I am still riding the wave of confidence that comes from being accepted.

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Christina E. Rodriguez said...

Congrats on your publishing news, Carrie! Good for you!