Saturday, May 30, 2009

writing and rewriting

Earlier this week I met with my writing group. I was excited to see what they had been working on for the month and I was excited to share what I had been working on.
Currently I am working on a novel and my main character is in sixth grade. She gets to the first day of sixth grade and finds out that she is in a class with her almost step brother. I was happy to hear that my writing friends like my character and my story and to find out things that I can do to make it better.
I have done NaNoWriMo twice but it is so much nicer to write a novel slowly and to really have a handle on where it is going and to have the time to get to know your character and have them develop over time.
Whenever I hit a writers block I go and interview my character.
It has been fun to hear what people think and get ideas and see what their questions are.
I went to a critique group last month and one of the writers was so clear in her writing that as a reader you always knew what the character was doing and why.
In other news I finally figured out my scanner. Really I never installed the software since I have a Mac I thought it wasn't important for me to do but then I could never scan. So I downloaded the software for the device and now I can scan. I spent some time yesterday scanning old family photos of grandparents and such.

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