Friday, May 22, 2009

Last night my front brake cable on my bike broke which left me with a very inadequate back brake.
So I took my year old bike to the bike shop where I felt like a person who goes to the dentist without brushing and flossing first. The guy working on my bike told me that I had been hard on my bike. I guess that it is hard not to be hard considering the pot holes and bad roads.
My back brake was completely malfunctioning. I tried to explain that it had been like that for forever and that I asked about it when I brought the bike in last summer for the 90 day tune up but that since I had never known any different that I never didn't push the issue.

But really this is a story about my cat. When I brought my bike home my little cat had to check out the bike and she took special interest in the new brake. So it must have met her approval. I know that animals have a heightened sense of smell but I had no idea it included new bike parts.

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