Wednesday, May 06, 2009

New Wallet

Yesterday I got a new wallet.
I carry a wallet because I don't carry a purse. I can't remember purses. I lose purses.
Normal people go to a store and buy a wallet or maybe get a wallet for Christmas. Not me. I go to work.

L: What is that? Is that your wallet?
Me: (looking at the fire hazard receipt holder in my pocket) Uh yeah.
Note- Now I am preparing for a lecture on the state of my wallet. How I should take some time to clean it out or just get a new one or whatever but no here's what happened next.
L: It's perfect. Can I have it for the show. I'll let you pick out one from stock.
Me: Uh sure. Let me clean it out.
L: No I like the stuff. Just take what you need and leave the rest in there.
Me: Cool
So I get rid of some things I don't need anymore like my Northwest Airlines frequent flyer card and a bunch of receipts and I get a new wallet. Despite all the sensible choices I chose one with flames and a chain. I ditched the chain but kept the flames.

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