Wednesday, March 25, 2009


my sister and I

I am currently working on a kids story. In the story the main character's little sister is always ruining her toys. Usually by accident. I have been trying to think of things that little sisters do but I am trying to keep the little sisters actions more accidental. So far I think I have come up with some things that the little sister does that kids can relate to.

I am into fitness. I love to swim, bike, run, swing a kettlebell and play sports. But I must admit that sometimes I need to slow my movement down in order to think about a story. Good ideas always come to me when I am walking. When I want to work out a problem in one of my stories I take a walk. New ideas occur to me when I am walking as well.
I am also able to get story ideas when I am swimming. But this happens less frequently.

Today on my walk home from the coffee shop I had a great story idea so I am excited to play around with it.

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