Monday, April 01, 2013

Baseball, beaches, and circuses

Happy Opening Day! I love baseball season. One of my favorite things to listen to while I write is a baseball game. 

I just got back this weekend from a wonderful vacation in Florida. 

In recent years I've had the wonderful experience of having my parents be someplace warm. My dad was in California for a while and then Mexico which gave me the opportunity for some warm weather getaways.

My mom was working in Florida this winter and I decided to make the most of that by going to a Spring Training game. It's been on my to do list for a while and this year it worked out perfectly. We caught the last home Spring Training game for the Twins at Hammond Stadium.

Other highlights of my trip included a visit to the John and Mabel Ringling Circus Museum and a trip to Fort Meyers Beach.

Miniature circus was a highlight for a diorama lover like me

Port Charlotte Sunset

Fort Meyers Beach Pirate Ship

Twins Spring Training Game

On my way home I just couldn't breakfast at the Harry Carey's at Chicago Midway Airport as the perfect ending to my baseball Spring Training vacation. 

I hope that the beginning of baseball season means that spring is on its way soon.

I always bring notebooks with me when I travel and now I bring and iPad as well. I always think that vacation will mean that I'll have lots of time to write but I never end up writing as much as I think I will.  I can only hope that I am absorbing all my vacation experiences as writing fuel for later. 

What about you, do you write when you travel?


Daisy Carter said...

I grew up in a baseball loving family. We always planned family vacation based on where the Mets were playing...or the Braves...or the Mariners...

Turns out, I really don't like baseball at all as an adult. But I DO love going to a game, soaking up the atmosphere, and eating a hot dog in the sun. So glad you had a great trip down to Spring Training!

Barbara Watson said...

What fun!

I don't write while traveling, but I do jot ideas or voice record them on my phone so I don't forget when I get home.