Monday, May 17, 2010


After going to my picture book critique group last week I was inspired by all the revisions of the other people. Seriously those ladies put the re back in revision last week.

I brought a story about a service dogthat I brought last time and didn't get a lot of critique on other than "We love it, it's perfect." Since it was a first draft I didn't believe that because well, yeah. This time I came away with more suggestions which has caused me to look at the story in a whole new light. Plus it has made me have higher hopes for the story which makes me want it to be awesome and perfect.

I decided to rewrite the story from a different perspective. The dog's perspective. So here is where I encounter my problem. When I get finished writing and read what is there I realize that my Yellow Labrador Retriever sounds more like a Shi Tzu. So now my challenge is to make the voice of my story sound more like a service dog and less like a lap dog.

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