Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Conference recap

I had a wonderful time at the conference. It was great to reconnect with friends and to learn new things to put into practice.

I went to breakout sessions about Magic and Fantasy and Writing Suspense for Kids. I choose these because even though I'm not currently writing a a story with fantasy or magic I think that fantasy/magic appeals to kids. I went to Writing Suspense for Kids because I love when a book has me not wanting to put it down because I can't possibly wait until the next day to find out if the character gets out of whatever danger they are in. I think that kind of suspense can work in books for kids so I wanted some of those tools in my tool box.

I also went to a session on revision. At the revision session the presenter talked about how she likes revising. I'm trying to like revising. I've been working on revising my novel and this week I have had a hard time working on revising existing scenes and instead have spent more energy on writing some new scenes. The thing is I really like the new scenes so I want to work on those more than the old scenes.

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