Friday, May 14, 2010

The other day one of my FB friends posted in her status update about seeing a 70 year old woman reading a Babysitter Club Book on the bus.

Her status update got a lot of response from friends who had grown up reading these books. I had to remind myself to keep my comment short. i.e. I loved those books. Not: OMG those were the best, my friends and I started our own babysitters club blah blah blah. That is what my blog is for.

I was thinking about how much I loved the Babysitters Club books in my preteen years. I read them like they were candy and could usually not wait for the next one to come out.
The books inspired my friends and I to try to start our own babysitting club where we had meetings but since we were twelve we didn't have a lot of clients so the whole sit around and talk about babysitting schedules, challenges and what was going on with the kids we were babysitting for didn't really happen. I do remember that we had a rival gang of babysitters at our school so we had to be careful not to advertise on their turf.

Our babysitting club broke up when a couple of my friends moved but I continued to babysit. I still babysit now. As I was thinking about the Babysitters Club it made me wonder what my life would have been like if I had read more Nancy Drew books. Would I have wanted to start my own detective agency?


SaraToday said...

In 5th grade I had a brief fling with the Sweet Valley High books, but the whole series was never at the library. But all the Stephen King books were there. Thus shaping the mind you see before you today.

Carrie said...

That's awesome. I don't think I discovered Stephen King until a little later.