Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thyroid Awareness Month- Staying Healthy

January is Thyroid awareness month and last week I blogged about my experiences with hypothyroid.

One of the big things I've struggled with is staying healthy. I used to think I never got sick. I used to think I had an amazing immune system but hypothyroidism kind of changed all that for me. In the last few years it has not been unusual for me to get every single cold or respiratory thing that is going around. 

This year, after much reading and following a lot of thyroid communities on Facebook, I decided that the best thing I could do was to eat well and cook for myself. I always feel great in the summer because I get a CSA share from Burning River Farms and I cook and eat lots of vegetables but around the time that my veggies run out is when I start getting sick. Sure I still buy veggies at my co-op but it isn't the same. 

This year I decided to get a winter CSA share from Featherstone Farm. This has kept me eating good, locally grown veggies long after I might have slowly decreased my veggie consumption.  Having these veggies all winter has been great for continuing to eat healthy and cook for myself. I was able to make an amazing meal for my family at Christmas using veggies from my CSA. I find that I love the creative challenge of using the veggies in my CSA box. Cooking for myself has become one of the main ways I take care of my health.

Now my biggest dilemma is deciding which farm to use for the summer. I have been a CSA member of Burning River Farms for three seasons and I love them but you guys, Featherstone Farms has a pinterest board

In addition I have been taking vitamins and the vitamins actually make me feel better. I'm taking the Rainbow Light Women's One vitamins. To give my immune system and extra boost I have also been taking Vitamin D. In addition I've been taking  a Black Elderberry supplement since echinecea does nothing for me and my actually make me worse.

I have also been diligent about getting enough sleep. I know I do best with 8 hours a night so I aim for that no matter what. 

So far I have managed to stay healthy. 

What are your tips for staying healthy?


Barbara Watson said...

Good for you! Cheers to continued health. I seem to be one blessed with good health -- and I wish it were due to my good eating habits. But it can't possibly be. I eat way too much chocolate and most other sweets and my diet's sadly lacking in fruits and vegetables.

Krystal Lynn said...

As much as I love baking and sugary stuff, I eat pretty healthy meals and I love vegetables. My problem is eating during the morning or day. I feel so much better when I eat a small healthy breakfast or lunch but usually I get busy and all of a sudden it is five pm and I am starving. I think it bad for my metabolism too..so I have to work at it all the time. Recently, I started working with weights which I think is going to benefit me as I grow older. Nice to meet you and find your blog.

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