Thursday, January 24, 2013

Staying on course

Every January I have at least a week off from work and sometimes two. A couple years ago the theater I worked at realized that it was more profitable to put something funny on the stage opposite Christmas Carol so this year I spent the holiday season working on Servant of Two Masters. It was such a fun experience. There's just something about hearing laughter every day that is well, refreshing, uplifting, fun.

I'm off for two weeks until my next show starts. My cat was so generous and got me a lovely vet bill for my birthday earlier this month which means instead of sitting on a beach in Florida with my mom I'm having a little staycation in Minnesota, in the dead of winter. I'm not even sure it's acceptable to go outside right not. 

Sometimes I think pre-published writers dream of the day when we'll be successful enough at our craft that we'll be able to devote all of our time for writing. To be honest, I don't actually dream of this. Having my job to go to keeps me on task during the day. Sometimes I come home from work and write but more often than not I write during the day, before work. I feel like I have a job that fits me and I have energy, inspiration, and time left over to write. 

The January break for me is always weird and completely non-productive. On previous breaks in January I have been known to watch entire series of TV shows. There was the year I watched Lost. That was before instant streaming and one day the previous renter hadn't returned the DVD's on time. I made the video store owner call them and remind them to return their DVDs like now because I was there to rent them. 

Last year I had bronchitis during January so I had a perfectly good excuse for watching an entire series on Netflix.
Also my brother came to visit me last year during my break last year. 

This year, no excuses. This year I have set a goal that I need to write more than I watch TV during this Staycation. I have told my writing partner that if I come to her in two weeks talking about Tim Riggins or any other TV show in a way that seems to indicate I've watched more than one episode in a day she will have to stand next to me while I cancel my Netflix account.

So far so good. Yesterday I wrote, I read, and I didn't turn on my TV until around 8:30 and I only watched one episode of one show. 

Also during this staycation- Artistic Enrichment.  Today I go see the Terracotta Warriors exhibit at the MIA. This weekend possibly Aida at the Pantages Theater and next week Doubt at the Minnesota Opera and Long Day's Journey Into Night at the Guthrie Theater.

Also there will be bowling, ice skating, volunteering, football, and Puppy Bowl. And writing. I hope there will be lots of writing. 

What are your tricks to stay on task for writing when your schedule changes? Do you use time off from work or staycations to power through big writing projects? 

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Barbara Watson said...

Sometimes I think it's good to break from writing, no matter when the break comes, because I return renewed and with vigor. So I allow myself these breaks.

Hope your two weeks are productive!