Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm a Winner

I won. I won. I won.
I wrote 50,000 words in November.
I owe a huge thank you to my writing group. Without them I would have given up last week.

Now to keep the momentum up.
Also time to start my holiday crafting. It's not even December and I have two pairs of PJ pants cut out so I'm way ahead of the game.


Angela Felsted said...

Congratulations and good job!

Jennie Bailey said...

Congratulations!! I reached 50,000 but my book isn't done. Does that qualify as a win? I'm not sure! Doesn't it feel GREAT?! A book in a month. We've learned that we can be disciplined and write, write, write when we need to! I found it to be so much fun! And really cool to think that all of us were writing at once.

Carrie said...

Jennie- 50,000 counts as a win even if your book isn't done.
NaNo was fun. I love the energy of everyone writing together.