Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Frozen Falls

Last weekend one of my actors asked me if I had ever been to Minnehaha Falls.
Yes I replied I ride my bike there all the time in the summer. So then they asked if I had ever been there in the winter. Which is when I realized that I had never seen The Falls when they are frozen.
My reason for not doing this is that it is cold. So this week I made it my mission to fix this problem and I went to Minnehaha Falls to see what they look like when they are frozen.

I haven't been here in the winter so I missed the buzz of rental bikes, Sea Salt and the sound of the Falls. Everything was still covered in white so I had to be careful where I stepped and not actually walk out onto the ice because even though it is cold it has actually been getting warmer.
Since I was on foot I walked on a little bridge that goes over the falls and walked around the park on the other side of the Falls. I don't normally see some of the site of this park because I am usually on two wheels and therefor don't get to go down all the pedestrian paths.

Whenever I go to the falls in the summer I stop and look at the statue of Hiawatha and Minnehaha and I listen to the creek bubble on one side while hearing the gentle roar of the falls on the other side. In the spring the water can get high and this little pool forms kind of across from the statue but by the end of the summer the pool is usually gone.

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SaraToday said...

I like how they're "your actors".