Saturday, March 06, 2010


Last week I got an email from the instructor from the writing class I took last fall inviting me to a reading. The series is called Second Story Readings and they take place at The Loft. The series pairs two middle grade or YA authors for a reading. They pair authors that might be enjoyed by a similar audience. Today I went to see Lynne Jonell who wrote Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat and The Secret of Zoom and Stephanie Watson who wrote Elvis and Olive.
There was a nice mix of people there including lots of kids. Stephanie Watson read from her first book Elvis and Olive and then she read from her book that will be out this summer Elvis and Olive, Super Detectives
I am super excited cause I won a door prize.
At the end of the reading there were all sort of goodies like posters, postcards and books for available for purchase. There were also donuts. When this was announced one little girl in the front row cheered "donuts". As I made my way past the line of kids buying books I heard girls in line talking about how when their brothers found out there were going to be donuts that they wanted to come to the reading too. (There weren't a lot of brothers there though) It made me think that maybe donuts are the key to getting kids into reading.


SaraToday said...

Sound like future crew members.

Anonymous said...

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Christina Rodriguez said...

Doughnuts are what kept me going to church as a child! Ah, sometimes little kids just don't know when they're in the presence of real literary greatness and fawn accordingly. I'm glad the event went so well!