Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You can be David Bowie

Despite the fact that I am no longer sixteen I still babysit occasionally. Since I'm not a teacher or some other profession that works with kids and I don't have my own kids this is a way for me to be around kids. It can be helpful for my writing to just spend time playing and reading and coloring. I can get ideas for stories and I can see what things the few kids I baby sit for are interested in. The little girl I baby sat yesterday is into "mean witch stories".
I think it is really important as a writer to see how kids relate to books. I've babysat for kids when they want you to read a book over and over again. I've baby sat for kids who will sit down and listen to me read for over an hour one day and then not be interested in looking at a single book the next day. I've babysat for kids who are reading Harry Potter at age 7 and kids who didn't have parents who read to them. I always like to read when I babysit because then I can see how a book can hold a kids attention and also how a book can lose a kid if they aren't into the story.

Yesterday while I was babysitting I got to be David Bowie. Since I "couldn't figure out how to make the DVD player work" and since my Chiropractor is anti sitting on a soft couch we played "Labyrinth" instead of watching it. So this is how it went.
F: I'm going to be Sarah and you can be David Bowie
Me: Awesome I get to be David Bowie. What do I do?
Basically F said some lines from the movie and I had to hide a baby doll and say some lines from the movie then F had to find it.
This is actually the fourth time I've gotten to be a Rock star while babysitting.
One kid I used to baby sit for made me be Christine McVie so we could play Fleetwood Mac. Later her brother made me be The Edge when we played U2 and another kid I used to babysit for make me be Pete Townshend when we played The Who.
So it was pretty fun.


Sara Today said...

I've become wary of watching movies I loved as a kid - The Last Unicorn was a huge and horrible disappointment. But, I watched Labyrinth the other day and it was just as great as before. And I didn't even hate the Sarah character like I used to.

Carrie said...

I watched The Last Unicorn a few years ago and I think it is totally different than the movie I remembered too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is a hilarious story, Carrie. I used to play "The Princess Bride" with friends as a little girl.