Friday, October 31, 2014

Moving to a new blog

So I've been a little quiet over here but part of that is because after all this time I've decided to start a new blog. I am currently blogging here I would love it you would check it out.

So, why am I moving to a new blog? Well, for one thing I wanted something that would be associated with my name. I mean don't get me wrong this site is great and I am not completely ready to cut ties with my blog here because it represents a lot of work over the years. 

The name for this blog was inspired by my college roommate's sister who has always called me Kiwi Niiks. The name kinda stuck and Will and Mary's family calls me Kiwi to this day. But let's face it, when I started this blog ten years ago I wasn't thinking agents and editors being able to find me when I queried them. 

But it is time for change. I blogged about the online copywriting course I took. I wanted a site that I could use to promote copywriting services and I just didn't think that my Kiwi's Life blog was the platform from which to do that.

The copywriting course got me thinking about how I could put my writing skills to use which led to Julie Hedlund's How to Make Money as a Writer e-course. The advice on Julie's site led me to finally make the decision to start a new site.

I am not sure my plans for this blog. There is so much here that I may continue to leave it up or I may eventually migrate everything to my wordpress blog. 

I hope you will come and check out my new site and follow me there.


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