Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Loving Fall

I normally do Road Trip Wednesday on Wednesdays but I am an currently too much in love with fall to talk about anything else. So here's a list of things I love about fall

1. Pumpkin flavored thing. These have no place in August but I've spent the last two days on a search for something pumpkin flavored for my gluten free taste buds.

2. How have I forgotten that fall was so beautiful? Has it always been this pretty or is this fall just especially pretty?

3. Boots. Not snow boots but cowboy boots and frye boots that are really perfectly suited for the fall. Not winter when they get all icky and salty.

4. Sweaters and sweatshirts.

5. Temps in the 50s 60s and low 70s.

6. Last trips of the season to my favorite outdoor eating places like Tin Fish and Sea Salt.

7. Writing. Writing was my port in this busy sea of summer that was the summer of 2012. Excited to see what things I'll write this fall.

8. Theater. We are in full swing with a festival of plays at work. I'm excited for this new season. New stories to tell, new friends to make and old friends to catch up with.


Barbara Watson said...

I wish I loved fall, but I'm a summer girl so fall makes me a wee bit sad. Even though it is beautiful.

Meredith said...

Yay! Best season ever. Hope your writing goes well!