Sunday, October 18, 2009

Contributor's copies

The other day I drove to St. Paul to pick up my contributor's copies of Good News at Good Ground Press. I got to see some samples of the different publications. They have Sunday School publications for all ages of kids from pre-school to high school.
I also got my contributor's copies. After deciding that I would keep two for my own purposes I called my mom so that she could tell me who the remaining three should go to.
Me: Well I have five copies and I need to keep two for myself to prove I've been published so that leaves three.
Mom: I get one, of course and then you have to send one to Uncle Rick. Where do you want the third one to go?
Me: I'd like to send it to Sue J.
Mom: Oh well OK. What about Tina. I guess I can share my copy with Tina.
Me: Oh I guess I can send that copy to Tina.
I guess what this boils down to is that my mom is the boss of my contributor copies. I imagine that in her quest to get more copies she may start visiting all the Catholic Churches in town in hopes that some Sunday School attendee will drop their copy and she will be there to claim them.

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