Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A life of luxury

Due to mounting dental bills and less work at my full time job I talked to my boss at my second very part time job about picking up a couple days a week in the fall.
It was hard to ask to be able to do this but since the money that I had saved so I would be able to only work one job and use my free time for writing is now the money I need to save because the economy sucks. And because I am anticipating a large dental bill and a lot of time off in the fall I asked.
I think that this is the most temporary solution and would work the best for me. As long as I set my boundaries and don't work more days than the two I have committed to I think it will be OK
One of my co-workers was asking me about it and her comment when I said I was picking up two days of work therefore giving up two days to write. "So it's time to give up that luxury."
I think what bugged me is that I don't think of writing as a Luxury. I don't think of working only one job as a luxury. Many people only work at one job.
I work hard at writing and it is something that I feel I have to do. I guess that I feel it is important whether I am cramming in writing time on my lunch break or spending a couple hours writing.
I guess if I was sitting on my boat, wearing diamonds and driving a mercedes then I would think of writing as a luxury.


Christina E. Rodriguez said...

"I work hard at writing and it is something that I feel I have to do."

Exactly. Creativity is quite like a compulsion - you can't deny the urges. Besides, whether writing, illustating, crafting, making music, etc., we all have to put our time into it to improve our abilities. Nobody just has perfectly-honed talent without any practice.

Carrie said...

It is so true. I take Yoga and it helps me to apply the word "practice" to everything I do. It helps me to be more creative if I think of it as a writing practice or drawing practice. Then I don't have to be perfect.