Saturday, November 18, 2006

project choir dress

Currently I am making a lot of choir dresses so there hasn't been much time for fun crafty projects.
I am thinking of making some soap for the holidays. I made some last year and I would like to make some more. Plus I have some fun ideas for sets of soap.

I am also making sockings for the Minnesota Aids Project. I am making a lot of quick ones that people can then add sparkle to. Pimp my Ride, Trick my Truck, Sparkle my Stocking. I guess sparkle would be adding whatever sort of buttons and trim a person wanted to add. So I have made three for this purpose so far.

I started another square for my granny square skirt.

I have also been writing a lot lately so my hands have been busy writing and I haven't been knitting and crocheting as much.

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