Sunday, February 19, 2006


This weekend I bought Debbie Stoller's new book Stitch and Bitch Crochet The Happy Hooker.
I've never crocheted more than a chain and so it is a little weird to try to figure out what the patterns are telling me to do. The abbreviations could be confusing. Like the one for double crochet(dc) makes me think I need to decrease.
My Gram Madora made many a granny square blankets but one of my favorite creations of hers was the set of three bears that she crocheted. I have to learn how to crochet so I can make cute bears too.
I think I am starting with the Sock Monkey hat. A couple of my friends are having baby boys this summer.

I have new items on my Etsy store. Carrie's Craft Fair

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