Monday, June 27, 2005

my big catch Posted by Hello
It took me three tries to catch this fish.
The first attempt I was reeling my hook in and he followed my bait in and I noticed him because he came really close to the surface. I left my bait in the water and he tried to take it but then he spit it out.

The next cast I was paying attention to something else and I looked and my bobber was completely submerged. I tried to pull him in but he cut my line with his teeth.

The third time was the real deal. When I noticed my submerged bobber this time I reeled him in. He's 22 inches so I got to keep him and have him for dinner.
The other catches of the vacation were less noteworthy. There was a bass that was too small to keep and a couple good sized blue gills.

After spending 10 days in and around national forests(Superior and Chippewa) it is a little strange to be back in the city where the trees look so short compared to the tall pine trees I've gotten used to seeing.

mama and baby loons Posted by Hello


Kerry! said...

Holy crap! You caught a fish! And ate it! That's awesome!

Carrie said...

Yeah, it was cool. That kind of fish has teeth too so it was hard to catch.